Quality Policy

We pledge to set and practise high standards through an effective quality management system to assure that our services meet and exceed the expected requirements of our clients and patients.


Medical Services for All Stages of Life

Primary Care
  • Outpatient
  • Dental
  • TCM
  • 24 hours Emergency Care
  • Vaccination
  • Onsite Services
Specialist Care
Preventive Care
  • Health Screening
Medical check-up
  • Pre-employment
  • Employment Pass, Work Permit & renewal
  • Designated Workplace Check-up
Wellness Care
  • General Wellness
    • Weight Management
    • Chronic Condition Management
    • Fitness Program
    • Nutrition Workshop
  • Mental Wellness Program

Corporate Healthcare

Our institutional group practice model enables us to provide team-based patient-centred care putting the interests of our patients at the centre of what we do. This enables Raffles Medical Group a unique advantage to be flexible in tailoring, integrating and effectively managing a package of services customised to the needs of our clients.

Team-based Care

Our doctors and staff across different departments are trained and audited to give coordinated and appropriate care in every situation.

Knowledge Pooling

Medical opinions, skills and expertise sharing across varying disciplines is practiced to provide accurate diagnoses in all cases.

Peer Review

Staff medical excellence and accountability is ensured by our team of senior physicians and medical directors in senior management.

Corporate Healthcare

With RafflesOne practice, we seek to provide a one-stop customer service support to our corporate clients. We assign dedicated teams to manage premium and large corporate client accounts. This means that we are readily available and internally coordinated cross-functionally, to address the healthcare needs of our clients.


Healthcare Cost Management

Our Group Practice model allows RMG to provide cost effective, integrated services to our clients across our medical facilities. Our patients is able to access medical care through our network nationwide, benefiting from the seamless integration of our Electronic Medical records, Price consistency and standardised medical protocols.

Occupational Health and Safety

RMG has a group of Designated Workplace Doctors to attend to workplace safety matters. This includes site visits, providing recommendation to improve overall workplace environment.

Third Party Administration

Our Medical Benefits Administration service allows you to outsource your administration of healthcare benefits. We will manage all claims and administer benefits to ensure compliance with your company's medical scheme.

Corporate Wellness

Working with our group of doctors across various specialties, we help assess, strategize and formulate intervention wellness program for our clients to improve overall productivity growth.

Ensuring Good Clinical Quality and Outcome

Quality control

At RMG, we take Quality very seriously. We believe, through disciplined and consistent application and monitoring of clinical quality, we achieve optimal and good clinical outcome for our patients. In fact, RMG conducts annual clinical audits across its medical institutions

Regular supervision

In China, Raffles Medical established the Raffles Medical China Clinical Governance Executive Committee (CGEC) which convenes every quarter and its primary role is to execute Clinical Risk Management & Mitigation. This is set up in addition to the Medical Advisory Council which oversees clinical quality incidents on a regularly basis.

Achievements and Accolades